Web Application

We help you create progressive website apps that deliver top-quality performance and offer smooth navigation between multiple pages. Our team of Progressive App Developers builds progressive web applications that offer quicker responses to customer interaction, as well as seamless scrolling.

  • Sun Technology helps you add native and dynamic mobile features, such as camera access and offline support, to your progressive web application.
  • With our progressive web app solutions, you can offer your users a full-screen experience and increase user engagement.
  • At this stage, our skilled team thoroughly researches and brainstorms app solutions. Our Progressive Web Apps professionals come up with a unique and intuitive design. We then show you the design and, upon your approval, go ahead with development.

After receiving your approval on the web app development, we run a few tests to closely check for code errors and bugs. If we find any issues, we immediately fix them and make sure the app functions smoothly before finally deploying it! This is when we start adding features and functionalities to your app’s design and bring it to life. We begin developing codes and screens for your application. Once the app has been developed, we send it to you for approval.